So I got a new computer quite a few months back. My other one was still operational, however, several of the keys were ripped off by my monster of a two year old. In light of having a new computer, I obviously had to transfer files, documents and photos. As well as my iTunes.

I mean, it all really sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? Purchase an external hard drive, load everything on it, plug it into the new computer, and VOILA you’re all set to go.

Hahahahahahah…..I’ll laugh in your face right now, literally, for thinking anything could be made that simple when dealing with Mac vs. Windows.

Everything transferred over fine. Except 5,787 songs. I assure you, that is a lot of music. Music that I love. Music that I did not want to lose under any circumstances.

This was a few months ago. I literally kind of lost track and just kept going back to the old computer for any music needs. Not really a huge deal. Until I bought a new Windows based phone and really just wanted to operate with one laptop. It was really becoming a headache to pull out each different laptop for each different need I encountered.

This is where my complete and utter OCD need for EFFICIENCY comes in. And trust me, it’s all going to tie in, in just a minute.

So I literally fight this battle of transferring music and IT’S JUST NOT WORKING!! (Basically the music I had uploaded into the external hard drive, disappeared as soon as it was transferred over. The file existed, just the music itself, did not). So I went on a quest for knowledge. I Googled it. I mean, Google has all the knowledge, right??? Or so you think…..

I Googled this: “How do I transfer my music from iTunes from my old computer to my new computer?” Exactly those words. And what would you know but what I needed came up. I read, and read, and read, and read and read. My options were given to me from a Mac point of view and a Window point of view (I’ll write another post on perspective at another time). I’m a Windows gal, so obviously I read thoroughly my option to accomplish this from a Windows perspective. I understood all my options.

One, transfer my file of iTunes Music Media to an iPod/iPad and plug it into the new computer and simply move it over. Simple enough, but my old computer would not recognize my iPad. Move on to option two. Which is EXACTLY what I had been attempting to do. Transfer everything from the old computer to an external hard drive on to the new computer. NO FRIGGIN LUCK. Again, the transfer messed with the files and the music in the files was non-existent (I spent two go-rounds trying).

I spent hours and hours on this. Stayed up late to attempt to get this accomplished. To no avail.

Guess what? Suddenly I went to iTunes, on my new computer, turned on Home Sharing and suddenly had access to all my music on my new computer. Seems like it would work right? No. Because the old computer still had to be on, had to have iTunes open and Gosh Almighty, IT JUST WAS NOT EFFICIENT!

Then I decided to try something. I clicked on the music under the Home Sharing from my old computer, hit Shift and the down arrow and selected all 5,787 songs. Held the Shift button down, moved the music into the new iTunes on the new computer. Seriously. It took me all of maybe 3 minutes to do and about 5 hours for it all to copy over. (I did not stay up to watch it transfer over, but the initial work to make it happen, literally took 3 minutes).

My point with this ridiculous story? That information was nowhere to be found on the Internet. And mind you, I only go about 2-3 pages in to a search because then you start clicking on websites that equal viruses. (Ask my ex-husband, he knows).

Now, let’s circle this whole tirade back around to property management. If there is one thing other than teamwork I preach to my team, it’s EFFICIENCY! Be efficient in what you do. As my husband says all the time, “Work smarter, not harder”. I always want my office to operate like a well oiled machine. For the right hand to know what the left hand is doing before it does it.

When a prospect walks in, is all the information they need to choose to lease there readily accessible and easy to be provided? When an applicant puts in an application, is the process smooth and understandable for them? When your new move in arrives for move in day, is everything waiting for them, in order, to ensure a smooth move in day? When your resident needs information on the area, is it readily available to be provided to them?

A lot goes in to making your office efficient. Correct hiring practices. Proper training. Clear understanding of expectations and policies. And the most important, knowledge.

And while all those things listed above seem simple enough, if you’re not doing even one of them, then you’re not just failing your team, you’re failing yourself, your prospects, your applicants and your residents. Nothing irritates me more than lack of efficiency and witnessing individuals running around like chickens with their heads cut off. I want to scream, “MAKE IT STOP!”

So be smooth in your operation. Give the “machine” a bit of “oil” and watch the difference it makes. And for the love of everything holy, provide clear cut information and knowledge, not like my Google search that resulted in me running around like a chicken with my head cut off.



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