Down with The Sickness

I have not fallen off the face of the planet, I have however been extremely ill. Possibly the sickest version of flu and strep throat I have ever had, on top of being allergic to the initial antibiotics prescribed to me. Fun times I tell you.

And besides making you aware of where I have been, I also want to take this time to point out some growth and awareness on my part as a property manager. And hope that you all are as lucky as I am in both aspects I’m about to elaborate on…..

First of all, I got sick two days before we were to get final CO on the clubhouse. Worse timing ever in the history of timing. Especially for a control freak like myself.

I have officially grown as a person and property manager when I can simply relax and know that I can be sick, everything is not going to fall apart because I’m not around to do it all or oversee it all. I allowed myself to let my assistant take care of it, trusted her to handle it and reach out as needed. And she did. I was able to just let my body heal and relax. It was such a relief. To one, know that I had finally relinquished panic from myself in a situation I could not control and two, that I had taken such time to hire an assistant to have found someone that I can truly depend on when times call for me not to be there, because you know what, stuff happens.

The other part of this is that I was given the “ok” to relax. You know how sometimes you let your boss know that you’re sick or have an emergency and you get the impression your uncontrollable situation is somehow a nuisance to them?? Well in this instance I got two emails, one saying to feel better, the second to say that not to worry about anything, I needed to be healthy by opening day. I was a bit shocked but gave me the opportunity to actually do just that, get better. Instead of stressing about not being there.

In addition to that, I was checked on, not just by the two mentioned but others who heard I was sick. Genuine concern. Amazing.

So, long story short. Allow yourself to not panic when you’re not there, the place won’t fall apart, I assure you. And find a company that cares about you as a human, not just what you bring to the table professionally. The ability to work in that environment only makes you a better employee. (Obviously assuming you were a good one to begin with, hahahaha).

So I’m gonna go get some more rest, more posts to follow soon!

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