So I had a post written for Friday but I took my oldest to Atlanta, so didn’t post it and then when revisited last night it just didn’t come together like it should have.
Which worked out. Because between Friday,the weekend and today it all summed up to be one kicka$$ day.
Basically Friday was the day I walked my first building for what I hope to be a final CO tomorrow. That was an almost pristine walk. Now don’t get me wrong, there were issues on the mechanical and cosmetic side of things, but overall, a great walk. And that was a building that had been cut to heck and back due to some issues. The walk was with my boss, her assistant, our construction asst project manager and a handful of painters. I am extremely proud of my construction team and the product that we have.
During this visit there was also a conversation regarding how slow traffic has been and our lack of leases. I assure you, I never want to have that conversation again. Ever.
And based on the leasing momentum we have had since Friday, I won’t have to.
My team leased two apartments after she left at 3pm. Then leased four over the weekend. Today they leased another two.
Eight total.
To really make it an even better day, we had a leasing meeting where we all really had an opportunity to learn something and ask questions and get on the same page. And for anyone that really knows me, I not only strive for efficiency, I thrive off of it. It is my super power!!
I feel like it is all finally coming together and falling into place and there is no better feeling than that… yes, today was a kicka$$ day.

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