CRAP DAY TURNED GREAT….it’s all about perspective

Today started out less than spectacular to say the least…..

A slight ripple between two employees that needed to be addressed. No CO on the first building. A scheduled move in tomorrow with a less than pleased leasing consultant who had to make that call to the future resident. An extremely sick leasing consultant who ended up heading home. A quirky software glitch that managed to make posting money completely impossible despite repeated attempts by my assistant and myself. An accidental move-in in the system that could not be undone.

And all of this occurred little by little throughout my day. Enough to just really make the day an overall headache. You would think.

But it wasn’t it, was a great day.

  • We leased three more apartments.
  • We touched each prospect in an individual way that crossed our path today and didn’t just sell four walls, we sold our service and our smile and our personalities. Even over the phone…..we received an email tonight thanking three team members who had an opportunity to partake in leasing to her from CA.
  • I was able to bring a division together with an amicable handshake and a clear understanding of where I stand in regards to the word TEAM.
  • My housekeeper smiled over a jar of pickles today and laughed hard at my antics at the end of a long day (despite thinking before I was uptight and, what was the word she used….prissy, LOL!).
  • My sick leasing consultant was able to have an opportunity to understand that it is okay to go home when you’re sick….it’s not a YOU HAVE TO BE HERE job, it’s a we care about YOU environment.
  • My rather stubborn but lovable leasing consultant was given a learning opportunity on how to handle “upsets” when move-ins just cannot happen beyond our control (despite afterwards telling me that the only reason I did it so well is because I’m 31……).
  • My maintenance supervisor left with a smile on his face and a fist pump in the air, happy with how his day turned out, despite the morning’s events.
  • We were able to make a future resident happy by offering up our office garage to him and his belongings until we received CO tomorrow.
  • My assistant and I left knowing we were not crazy for thinking we didn’t know how to post money….it was an uncontrollable system glitch.

Things happen….it’s the world of property management. It’s what makes the job so exhilarating and so much fun. It’s a dynamic, ever changing environment, that literally never gets old. I am beyond thankful for everything I have learned in the past, from each great leader that touched my life and trained me well. I am even more grateful for the opportunity to be able to continue to learn and grow in such an amazing industry.

I was not going to write a post tonight, I was just going to really soak in the day and get some rest. However, I read something tonight on my Facebook page that really tied into my day and I believe my reaction to it all.

“You will only be surrounded by annoying people and frustrating situations until you learn not to get annoyed or frustrated. Then you’ll just see them as people and situations.”

(Buddhist Boot Camp)

Perspective. I could have certainly gotten wound up in each individual situation and been annoyed and strung out. I’m not sure where the calmness came from and taking each opportunity as growth for myself and growth for a team member in each applicable situation, but it was present and I’m grateful. Maybe my leasing consultant was right……maybe it’s because I’m 31.

Until tomorrow……..



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