Let’s face it… least once or twice a month, if not once or twice a week, we have arts & crafts in our office. If we are not making invitations for a resident event, we are coming up with new and creative marketing ideas. Today was just that in our office, and it included peanut butter. Yes, you read that, peanut butter.

If I am being completely honest, this is absolutely one of my FAVORITE parts of property management!!!! Ok, obviously I love every aspect, but this, makes me a nutso-creative-control freak. I love to have my hands in every aspect of the marketing ideas, especially the creative part of it. Making labels? Yea, I’m the queen of labels and flyers. I’m part graphic designer too, LOL!

I found this incredibly cool idea on Pinterest for putting labels on soap bottles for a teacher’s gift. Do a little switcheroo and you have a fantastic marketing idea for nurses or daycares, or basically anywhere else that utilizes handsoap (and let’s hope that is a plethora of other places, no?).

I truly wish I had taken photos of the work in progress because it was a sight to be held, unfortunately, I only have the finished product. But this project included handsoap, labels, peanut butter, razor blades, dishsoap and hot water. The entire project was really not as time consuming as it sounds, however, it does take your team partaking in the arts and class portion of the day. (My team fully stepped up to the plate, although I ended up missing out on the removal of the peanut butter, much to their dismay). Here is a photo of the finished product.


Now, tell me that isn’t the absolute coolest thing ever??? Now, I’m going to give you directions on how we accomplished this cool marketing idea!

1. You will need to purchase the following items: clear liquid handsoap (Soft Soap brand or Equate brand), Avery Labels (#22825), creamy peanut butter, Dawn dishsoap, a sink full of hot water and a towel.

2. If you did not already know it, you can log onto and find designs for the labels purchased (in fact any Avery labels!). So log on, enter the label number above and find the design you prefer. Voila’ and PRINT!


Now comes the fun part….

3. Remove all the labels from each handsoap bottle, front and back. You will be left with significant glue residue. No worries, this is where the peanut butter comes in.

4. Now, we tried several attempts to remove the glue residue initially. From scalding hot water and a Scotch pad to stinky Goo Gone. Neither worked. Google is your friend, but Pinterest is your BFF. We found several options but finally landed one (again on Pinterest). Take each handsoap bottle and spread peanut butter on both sides where the glue residue remains. Now, I am an overuser by nature (just watch me use toothpaste or shampoo) so I, of course went a bid overboard with the peanut butter. My trusty leasing agent, Brittni, went sparingly on hers and I assure you, less is just fine, it accomplishes the same thing. I’m not sure you have to let the peanut butter sit for too long, but we allowed ours to sit for a good 30 minutes.

5. Once your peanut butter has saturated on the glue, simply run it under hot water, take some Dawn dishsoap and a scrub pad to it and you’re good to go. Towel dry off and place your labels accordingly. It’s a messy project, especially when your property manager overuses the peanut butter in order to accomplish glue removal because she is simply so excited about the project! (Just ask Kim and Brittni who ended up partaking in this portion of the project).

I will say, we went with clear labels and clear handsoap as we were attempting a pretty modern sleek look. We think we may be able to accomplish an even cooler look with colored handsoap, however, it will also depend on the color of the font and how dark the soap is. But this is definitely a project that can be perfected.


Avery Labels…………$16.49

Peanut Butter……….$3.00

Utter and complete marketing awesomeness….PRICELESS

Below are some of our other marketing ideas we came up with today……and I assure you, there are a million more where this came from…..

WP_20140528_008 WP_20140528_009 WP_20140528_010 WP_20140528_011

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