I was asked a few weeks ago, “Do you get nervous when ________ comes to visit??” (Insert my Area Manager’s name there. I will, for anonymity’s sake, not put her name in this post.)

The answer was no. She is one of the best leaders I’ve had an opportunity to work with. However, allow me to elaborate.

Even if she was not, I believe you get to a level of professional maturity to where you just don’t get nervous about things like that, simply the arrival of your boss on site. I’m confident in my ability to do my job and answer question as approached with them. Do I want to piss her off to the point where I would be nervous about her arrival? No. How do I avoid that? By doing my job beyond the best of my ability and ensuring I’m meeting her expectations daily (whether she is there or not). So, no, I don’t get nervous.

I smile when she arrives, enjoy her company immensely and soak in every bit of her tips, advice and opinions, because, let’s face it she’s been doing this longer than I have and has her title because of her knowledge and ability. I’d like to learn something from her, one of those things NOT being what pisses her off.

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