I have some of the best leasing peeps around. No, no, no, yours do not top mine. Allow me to explain WHY.

Here’s the deal. These three are relentless with wanting to know literally everything. I LOVE IT. I did not in the beginning. Allow me to explain WHY.

So you’re in a meeting with your staff, and you’re getting blindsided with question after question after question after question. It was not the question asking that bothered me. It was the fact that I did not have the answers. And it angered me to no ends to have to continually say, “I do not know, let me find out.” Cooooontinnnnnuuuuuaaaally.

I initially thought, “Alright, well that meeting sucked. I was just made to look like a complete idiot. Thanks, thanks a lot.”

PERSPECTIVE. I preach it all the time. Buddhism, I’m telling you, is the way to go.

Anyhow, perspective changed all of that. Here’s the deal. It wasn’t personal or intentional, it wasn’t about me being made to look stupid or incompetent. It was about their utter and complete need for all the knowledge they wanted to make them better at their jobs. I literally had to stop thinking that any of it was about me (self centered, I know) and simply realize that it was about a need to learn. Much like our children, if you have them. They want to learn, they yearn for knowledge.

And I am so proud of that. One, about their DESIRE FOR KNOWLEDGE and two, my ENLIGHTENED PERSPECTIVE.

I told them all that today. How much their quest for knowledge made all of us better at our jobs. Some of these questions that are being asked are not questions most of us would think of to ask, until maybe it came up. These are outside of the box questions. But you know what? We are now armed and ready with the knowledge.

Knowledge is power and my leasing peeps are better than yours because of that. Don’t believe me? Just ask THEM!


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