So you know how I preach about “knowledge is power”? So I have another techie story to share with you about my new phone and the knowledge/information that was shared with me while I was shopping for my new phone.

I used to have an iPhone. It was my first every smart phone other than numerous blackberries I had for work back in the day. I loved my iPhone. I really did. But then I started doing all the upgrades and it just got really slow and glitchy. Not fun.

So I was eligible for an upgrade and decided to do some research before shopping in my local Verizon store. Ultimately it was between a Nokia or Blackberry. Why not a new and improved iPhone? Because I’m a Windows gal and nothing is really transferrable when you’re dealing with Windows everything else and a Mac based phone. At least not EFFICIENTLY.

Anyhow, I’ll attempt to make this short. My biggest complaint was no matter what phone I went with, Blackberry or Nokia, my iTunes was able to be transferred over. Again, 5,787 songs that I’m not able to upload to my phone to listen to in the car. ARGH! I specifically asked that question while I was in my local Verizon store, “If I go with the Nokia, will I be able to transfer my music over, some sort of way?”

The answer, “No, unfortunately these two phones don’t allow you to do that. The Samsung and Galaxy have an app that you can download to transfer your iTunes but these two don’t. Hang on, let me ask someone else to make sure.” (Enters another associate, question asked, answer given was a no).

Well, rather disappointed, I was provided another sell. Purchase an iPad and you’ll be able to keep all your music and your photos, etc. Ah, grand idea. So another $200 plus dollars were spent to make me happy basically. (On a side note here, my three year old gets more out of that iPad than I ever thought it was worth).

Like any normal person does when they purchase a new phone, they go home and toy with it. And guess what???? Wouldn’t you like to know, that this highly UN-technological girl managed to figure out (rather simply) that you can in fact actually transfer your music in an apple component to a new Windows phone!

TADA! Well didn’t I feel really really smart? (They’re lack of knowledge probably provided me more empowerment on the technology front than necessary, but nonetheless, I did feel like an IT super hero. Which never happens).

I digress. My point to all of this is. If you can manage to have all the tools necessary in your back pocket to provide to your prospects, residents and even your vendors, you have so much power in your possession! KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! I’m telling you, the ability to answer a customer’s question, knowledgeably, can sometimes actually seal the deal. It’s a closing technique you don’t even necessarily have to put into practice, just have.

One of my leasing agents, who I am currently working alongside of, is probably the best example I can provide of this. She will ask questions of ANYTHING and EVERYTHING and even question ANYTHING and EVERYTHING – she may not know what she is doing, maybe she is just naively curious, but she is empowering herself with the knowledge she needs to answer questions. And she will make a cheat sheet for everyone once she gains that information. Garage measurements? Done. With and without the landing at the back of the garage. Accessible units? Done. Map of community that differentiates between building numbers and actual community addressing? Done. With white out and a great key code and all. Again, she is simply making her life easier and working efficiently, while building her knowledge.

These are the kind of individuals that make the sale. These are the kind of individuals you want in your corner. These are the kind of individuals that I want making a sale to me.

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