I had this really great leader once in my property management career. He was and still is one of the most intelligent individuals I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. He was typically always throwing out quotes or something, and several of them I have written down in a notebook that I can’t seem to find right this second.

But there was one that stuck with me without a notebook to remind me. “Be proactive, not reactive.”

I’m gonna tell you something. If there is one thing that in the realm of property management, especially on site, that resounds heavily, it is that. You can utilize this in every single area on site. Team training, preventative maintenance, marketing, leasing, budgets & financials, invoices……and the list goes on.

What does it mean to be proactive vs reactive? It means you’re thinking ahead, you’re thinking, not necessarily of the worse that could happen but of every possible scenario, good or bad, and you’re ready for it.

Having your vacant’s heat on at least 50 degrees before freezing weather actually gets here is proactive, not reactive. Getting all three bids for budget season, prior to budget season, is proactive, not reactive. Having a leasing & marketing plan, even in the great months and the good times, is proactive, not reactive.

Reacting to a problem after it occurs can cause turmoil in your team. It also creates an undue stress for yourself as well.  And honestly, you’re not always going to have the opportunity to be proactive vs reactive but, if in all avenues, you can attempt to, it’s going to save you a ton of time.

This gentleman also used to say something about an elephant but for the life of me I cannot remember that particular quote he used to throw at us. Wish I could….because despite not being able to remember it, I do recall it resounding with me as well.

Be proactive, not reactive

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