Angels Among Us

For most of us, leasing is exhilarating for a lot of reasons. We have closed the deal and our hearts swell at the thought of having just provided a home to someone new that is going to allow us into their lives to some degree. At the root of everything we do, we provide homes. We provide roofs over heads. A place where families come home to eat their family dinners, where family game time exists, where heads are laid to bed with fervent prayers beforehand. We provide newlyweds a first home. We provide a home to where a new baby is swaddled. We provide a first home to those moving out on their own. We provide a home to those going through a tumultuous divorce. For whatever the reason, in the simplest of forms we provide a home.

What happens when all of that is destroyed in one instant? Our hearts, swollen with love and care, are shattered into a million pieces for those we have been charged to provide a home to. And it happens more times than it should. Natural disaster, fire, and other causes put our valued residents in a state of uncertainty. What we were once providing in the way of solace, has now went away.
What can we do? Where do we go? While they are struggling, we as professionals are getting things in order, figuring out vacant apartments, moving furniture out of the way in the clubhouse for sleeping arrangements, calling on affiliates to help in any way they can. And now we have but one more affiliate to call on…..Hatching Hope of Alabama.
Hatching HopeFounded by Keli Lynch-Wright (Regional Director for CoStar Group) and her son, Ashton Wright, Hatching Hope was founded on that exact premise, caring for those that we have been charged with providing homes for. Our swollen hearts are suddenly breaking for our residents and we are doing everything in our power to ensure they are taken care of. Because that’s what we do. That’s our passion.
Keli and Ashton’s passion for our industry and for this cause stems from their own story. When Ashton was just five (now twelve), their family home burned down, all their sentimental items with it, struggling with that, amidst the struggle of “home” being gone, they know precisely what our residents are feeling. In addition to their own story, Keli has spent many years in the industry, watching and providing disaster relief to our residents and our family of multifamily professionals  through the struggle with the loss of home. After one such instance of an apartment community fire during Thanksgiving 2015, she and Ashton arrived to assist, only to find families in the clubhouse, with only the clothes on their back, necessaries and beds being few and far between, and went home to formulate a plan of attack, a plan to help, a plan to rebuild. They had been there themselves years ago.
Keli and Ashton
Hatching Hope is YOUR own opportunity to help those around us in times of need. Often times displaced Residents are placed into a vacant apartment home or even in the clubhouse until a plan is devised for the next steps. Hatching Hope will be providing air mattresses, comfy bedding, and much needed supplies for that first night or two following a disaster. We will also have special focus on children by providing hand made blankets from local churches and schools and a book or coloring books to keep them focused on the good things! Each and every dollar will be used to build awesome care kits for these victims. And you can actually sponsor someone for $35! There is no greater feeling than that of helping others. Join us in this effort to make a difference across the state of Alabama!
For more information, email Keli at or feel free to go straight to the GoFundMe by clicking on the Hatching Hope logo above. In addition, Hatching Hope can be found on Facebook for more information, articles, contacts and ways to assist. We are family….multifamily.

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