We Are #MultifamilyStrong ~ NAA NextGen & Hatching Hope of Alabama

Since its’ launch in January 2016, Hatching Hope of Alabama has continued to be the change we want to see in the world. Hatching Hope spawned from the giving hearts of Keli Lynch-Wright and her son Ashton Wright. After 20 plus years of serving multifamily residents on the vendor side, Keli and her son decided to take matters into their own hands and thus Hatching Hope of Alabama became the first and only 501c3 that was industry born and gives directly back to our multifamily residents in times of disaster.

Hatching Hope’s most recent endeavor occurred at the Alabama Apartment Association Conference & Expo in September with NAA Next Gen sponsoring the event. One of the most important parts of this endeavor was spreading the word about what Hatching Hope is, why they exist and what each of us can do to be a part of the difference they are making.

The NAA Next Gen Lunch & Learn was led by committee member, Kayla Quint, property manager with Alexander Properties Group in Mobile, Alabama. While enlightening AAA/NAA members on the Next Gen Committee, Hatching Hope was able to showcase their boxes that arrived late the night before with their hashtag (#multifamilystrong). The hashtag comes from a deep rooted understanding that all multifamily professionals know and believe in, that this industry and all the individuals in it, when combined into one collaborative effort, whatever it may be, can have the strength to overcome and conquer any challenge. Hatching Hope provides the ability for multifamily professionals to give back to those that we prosper from every day. The resident.

  “It is our duty to serve them when they need it the most”- Keli Lynch-Wright      


Hatching Hope board member, Matt Smith led over 50 participants in making kits to be delivered to NAA affiliates across the state of Alabama for distribution during residents’ time of need. Kits include, but are not limited to, blankets, toiletries, pillows, air mattresses, and so much more for the basic needs and comforts of a resident displaced by disaster. Kits have grown to include Hatching Hope Pet Kits and Hatching Hope Teddy Bears for children, ensuring that all of our residents and their loved ones are comforted in their time of need. The kits that were prepared that day, over 65 total, were taped, loaded and delivered by the national moving company, Two Men & A Truck.

2-hatching-hope-two-men-and-a-truck   2-hatching-hope-built-with-love
All of this energy and emotion was recorded by Capture the Market. The energy in the room came from the inspiration and powerful difference making enthusiasm in Keli’s voice. The emotion in the room came from the stories shared, the differences already made, the moments that can never be forgotten.

The next opportunity to be the change, is Hatching Hope’s 1st Annual Charity Garage Sale, taking place on October 28th and 29th from 7AM – 4PM at the AGC Building, 5000 Grantswood Road, Birmingham, Alabama 35210 Donations can be dropped off at sale location on October 26th & 27th, and all are tax-deductible!

Hatching Hope of Alabama is a 501 (C)3, non-profit organization. Learn more at www.HatchingHopeofAlabama.org, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn


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