I’m Not Physically Exhausted….I’m Emotionally Exhausted

If you’re complaining about your feet hurting you should invest in a new pair of heels (I say heels because my boss doesn’t care for flats). But you should also be changing your perspective on leasing…….

Tour after tour doesn’t make me tired, it’s the investment I put into each tour that makes me tired. There’s an emotional roller coaster that goes along with leasing. The emotional investment. The high from closing the deal. The low from losing the lease. Even beyond that, my competitive nature and always wanting to win, beat myself, beat others, even that is emotionally exhausting.

I get so emotionally attached to every person that walks in the door, hearing their story, their wants and needs, helping them through each step, and then I move on to the next person and start all over. Asking the questions you should be asking should lead to a level of vulnerability for your prospect. They’re opening up an important portion of their life to you. If you’re not feeling that, you’re probably not asking the right questions.

Even if you have an applicant that is denied or cancelled, even more so then, they have a story. There’s a reason. Our job is to help even at that level of the process. They cancelled because of a life changing event. Be sympathetic. They were denied due to something that effects their self esteem, more than likely, and a huge part of their life, their HOME. Be gracious and kind and figure out what you can say to be a humanitarian in that moment.

Leasing is an emotional gig. And if you’re not emotionally invested in every aspect of your job….your community, your prospects, your applicants, your residents, well, you should figure out how to be. Much like physical exhaustion after a workout can be rewarding, so is the emotional exhaustion; so invest your time, your everything into every human that walks into the door.

Happy Leasing

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