Change vs Auto Pilot

October….the month of goblins, ghouls and witches. Being scared. Let’s talk scary. What’s that old saying? Change is scary? Or something to that effect…..

In property management, change can take many forms. A change in leadership, a promotion, a software change, a change in management, so many variations of change can happen at any given moment. It jumps around the corner and says “BOO!”, when you least expect it.
But to me, being on auto pilot is even scarier. Why? Because along with auto pilot comes other things: stagnant, uninspired, boredom, etc….and those are scarier than any change I could imagine.

Auto pilot means you’re comfortable. And while comfort is something we all strive to achieve, it breeds auto pilot and all the things mentioned above. Comfort equates to a security blanket. All the things you know, you can trust and you can depend on.
It doesn’t matter what role you serve, when you become any of the things I mention above, you’re doing a disservice to your team, your company, but, most of all yourself. Most of us didn’t just meander our way into property management and settle; we fell in LOVE with property management and found passion and inspiration.
I won’t argue with those who say change is scary, what I will say, is auto pilot is even scarier. I am aware that change can be scary, change means an unknown variable in some instances. But with that change comes the opportunity to challenge yourself, to watch yourself rise above the challenge. Resulting in inspiration, pride, self worth and a million other traits that you strive for!
So look change in the face this October, and instead of fear, feel courage. And you know what? If change doesn’t present itself, or if change is not an option, then at least challenge yourself. You deserve it.

(insert fist bump here)

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