I Am Not the Smartest Person in the Room….

Once upon a time….

I wrote a blog that fed into Multifamily Insiders

        I had a featured article in UNITS

              I was asked to be President Elect of an Apartment Association

What de railed me? A very scary, but, real emotion called impostor syndrome. Ever get that feeling that you question why the hell you are in the position you are?!?! Yea, me too. Experiencing those feelings while also navigating a new role is not easy. In addition to feeling as though you really shouldn’t be in charge of anything, it’s almost solidified with unsteady (awkward, I meant awkward) footing at every step.

Then something happened. The Universe heard my pleas for help, my mindset changed with a grateful heart, an open mind and one thing said during class. (Yea, in addition to a new role, I’ve also decided to take on college classes….see….told ya, I’m not the smartest person in the room).

I listened to a class that reminded that while I am not the smartest person in the room, I am smart at many things. I made a list of those many things that have resulted in success, while also making a list of things I am not so good at. Writing weaknesses down provides me the opportunity to acknowledge them and allow myself the opportunity to learn more and become better……and find people who are the smartest. For example, Excel worksheets & formulas (can I get an AMEN?!?). 

Impostor syndrome grows in the fear of your weaknesses, don’t allow it. Be the driver of your own road trip to success. Take those weaknesses and find a mentor, find a class, be okay with not being the smartest person in the room. But SHOW UP, SHOW OUT and SHOW OFF those things you’re good at. That long list of awesomeness, those are things you want to keep focusing and utilizing and grooming. Those are the things that got you where you are. 

While making these lists, navigating these emotions and finding my way in a new role, I learned something else. I work better collaborating, talking things out as a group, and collectively being a part of different ideas, opinions and perspectives. Some of the best ideas have spawned from collaboration, not one person innovation. Don’t be ashamed to be a collaborator. You’re not always going to be the innovator bringing the original idea to the table. That is okay.

Next, surround yourself with cheerleaders, fans and a safe place to make honest mistakes where growth happens. It’s okay to ask for help, to not be in control of a situation and still be successful. The most successful individuals I know raise their hands for help and admittedly say, “I don’t know.” It doesn’t make anyone any less capable. Be brave.

Oh, and stop being your own critic. Someone once told me the world has enough of those…..

Look, here’s the deal, this isn’t really property management related, I’m writing and baring my soul on here in hope to relate to someone else, to motivate someone else, to just say, “Hey y’all, we got this.” 

Here I go…..I’m gonna be what I might have been.

It's Never2

Update: I spent the morning “recreating the wheel” for an Excel spreadsheet…..one of my weaknesses. And there was this moment of total pride and accomplishment for remaining steadfast, researching, trial and error, to finally figure it the F out!! (Also, my 9 year old has taught me the invaluable tool of learning via YouTube….it’s not just for funny cat videos)

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