Orchestrate your Offense

He’s ten and sometimes I think he just isn’t listening. Then I see him prepping for his seed game, creating a playbook for his team and I see two things:

🏀 Slow and steady wins the race (my advice to myself when I’m attempting to avoid a knee jerk reaction vs a well executed response). He’s heard me say this many times.

🏀 Orchestrate the Offense *I cannot take credit for this one. This is Coach K inspired. He’s heard this from Coach K and from his own dad.

I had to digest the Orchestrate the Offense because the timing in reading it, for me, was stunning. I plan on using it this week at work. (I may even take it to another level and have a pep rally themed meeting.) 🏀🎉

As leaders we are charged with literally orchestrating the offense. Putting our teams in a position to be successful, to win. Whatever that win or success may look like. Providing them with the resources, the support, the information, the encouragement, well, the playbook. 📚🏆

This week I’ll be considering this in every action I take. Am I orchestrating the offense to be successful, or am I subjecting myself and the team to an over compensated defense (harder work)?

Side note: they didn’t win. It was a hard loss alongside an incredible experience and epic teamwork. Pictured below is his playbook, and one of my favorite plays of the game…..a behind the back pass to his teammate while facing the defense. He quite literally was orchestrating the offense while giving his other teammates time to get to the goal. Pure magic 🏀✨

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