I was asked by Hire Priority (www.hirepriority.com) to write an article about hiring in the apartment industry. I do have to thank them because I think they may very well have cured my writer’s block by asking for specific subject matter. Specific subject matter that as of late, I feel as though I have become an expert in! However, the 250 word maximum¬†turned into almost 800 words from this overachieving Type A individual on the other side of this computer screen…..so while the article may not be of use to them due to word count, it’s still worth the read. In my humble opinion.


I have worked outside of the apartment industry, I believe we all have at some point. Whether it was to take that “break” that we thought we wanted or we simply fell into property management after having had another career choice.

So a majority of us have been privy to the hiring process outside of the apartment industry. I am here to tell you, as a property manager who has done her fair share of interviews through several lease-ups, hiring in the apartment industry is quite different; for several different reasons. I point out a few below and urge you to keep these in mind when you are looking to hire someone on site….. Continue reading “HIRING IN THE APARTMENT INDUSTRY”