I am a writer and as such, you would certainly think that writing a biography would be fairly simple & straightforward. That is actually not the case because I have no idea how to talk about myself in a way that would potentially make you seem to care, or to not come across as pompous. This was my thought process when asked to write a biography. And then I had an epiphany. (I just love having those!)

2021 UPDATE: I am not single. I am in a 3+ year relationship. I am now an Area Lease Up Manager. Back in school studying Project Management and Organizational Leadership. Everything else has remained the same. I am passionate about property management. I hate ranch dressing, spaghetti and pancakes and my fave color is green. I look forward to continuing to bring you some version of substance with each post.


It dawned on me, “I’m a single mother, who, because she is so busy, actually utilizes dating websites in order to actually siphon through my dating options. I’ve typed a profile about myself, why not use the same standard, except not in the concept of attempting to get you to date me?!”

I am a 31 year old single mother of two boys (that’s how you’re supposed to start on the dating websites) who is beyond passionate about what I do for a living. I BELIEVE in what I do, I BELIEVE that what I do actually does make a difference in this world. What do I do? I am a multi-family property manager. I wake up every day and go to my apartment community to serve my residents, empower my team, find my prospects a home and so much more. I have been in property management since 2004 and have loved every day of the same!

You’re wondering how I turned property management into blogging/writing? Or maybe you’re not considering everyone blogs these days. However, let me at least say this. I have always loved to write. I have always enjoyed having the ability to purge every thought in my brain, every feeling in my soul and to feel a release from the same. As a result of that I took to blogging, because in the world of property management sometimes you just really need to purge after your day. And not just always in a journal, sometimes you want your thoughts to be heard!

Thus was born Pithy Property Manager. What is the definition of pithy? To have substance and point. That is what I always hope to accomplish, in life, in work (are we still on my love life?). Substance and point.

There was no opportunistic nature to this. There was never any hope for recognition. I simply started writing, some people read it, some people shared it, then some more people read it and some more people commented on it. And voila’, here I am being asked to write a biography in order for you to better understand me and my perspective when reading Pithy Property Manager.

Oh and my favorite color is green, my largest phobia is talking on the phone and I do not like pancakes, ranch dressing or spaghetti….but love sushi! (Just in case you actually did want to take me on a date!) Haha!

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