Mini Models + Fitness + Soul Searching = Attention to Detail

You’re probably wondering how any of that equates to attention to detail. Trust me, it all does. About two or more months ago, I took on a new outlook to my health. I decided to start eating better and drinking more water. A few weeks after that, I decided to take on a fitness regimen. Soon thereafter, with all the other changes I had going on, I figured I would start doing some soul searching and start my spiritual journey again.

You’re thinking, “Wow Britt, way to try to conquer any and all goals within a 90 day period! Overachiever.” (And probably with an aggressive eye roll in there too). Funny thing is, it wasn’t about overachieving. It wasn’t even about goals. Initially it was health, because kidney stones suck. Then it became about wanting to feel better. And working out really does illicit some sort of power within. Like you can do damn near anything. Ok, well, it does for me, because any time I can overcome the lazy factor and get my butt to the gym to workout, well I’ve literally achieved a LOT!

While I had that feeling of power from bettering myself internally and externally in the sense of my health, I then decided to take it a step further and explore my lack of faith. (If you follow me on Facebook you know all about that recent exploration). I decided to explore God, my spirituality, my faith and really go a step further with my overall well being and mentally get with it as well.

And you’re wondering this entire time where mini models come in and the realm of property management. It all ties together, I promise. Nothing I do in any realm of my life strays too far from the lesson I can take back to my passion for property management. Riiiiight? Ok so….

While allllllll of that is going on with my overall personal betterment, our funds for mini models came in. Little preface to this here….the first time I ever did mini models with my current boss, it was laughable. She has this eyebrow raise that she does when she is questioning something you have done, purchased, worn, or said. It’s actually fairly comical once you know “the look.” Needless to say, my first round of mini models with her, I got “the look.” I apparently did not know how to shop for mini models according to standard. No, no, no they were not tacky or anything. She was just holding me and, of course the property, to a whole different standard I wasn’t accustomed to.

So this go-round I got high praise for all the shopping I despise doing. We have the cutest mini models I have ever had the privilege of doing. They’re pretty darn adorable. And they meet standard.

Standards. That is how you achieve a certain level of ATTENTION TO DETAIL. You hold yourself to a standard. You’re held to a standard by a higher power. You’re held to a standard by a leader.

Look, my fitness and nutrition requires attention to detail. The calories I count, the food I monitor for ingestion, the schedule I keep for working out, the way the coaches require you to do the routine correctly, require you to stay in a certain zone. I do it because I want to take the time to learn to be healthy, because it makes me feel better. I’m holding myself to a different standard and it requires attention to detail.

My spiritual journey and my road to finding my faith again, requires attention to detail. I have to take the time to be silent (remember, silence IS golden), I have to ensure that I am reading to learn, listening to hear, and praying to be guided. None of that just happens. It requires my attention to detail.

The standard at our property is pretty high. Not uncomfortably so, but mini models are expected to be chic and posh, we have uniform regulations for a purpose, we have daily report expectations, and we all strive to avoid “the look.” And it’s easy with attention to detail. I can’t say I have always had that skill, but I’m slowly learning to master it. Trust me when I say that I haven’t always been one to pay close attention to the clocks in the mini models….the clear tags on pool furniture….the slant of the blinds for lighting….etc. But, with a standard set, attention to detail happens.

All I’m  really saying is: hold yourself to a higher standard. Because details do matter. And if they matter, they demand your attention. #attentiontodetail

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