I should have posted this about three weeks ago and did not. I have a tendency to write my posts on my phone under OneNote and then always get sidetracked and do not post it timely. This can absolutely not be posted though, late or not.

Its always a pretty epic event when we have your first application (with fees) on a lease up, but, your first move in takes the cake. And we had that today.
After struggling since Monday to get CO due to busted sprinkler heads and then some other mundane detail (thank you city officials) we finally got it today to be able to move in our first resident.
And this wasn’t one of those move ins that was painless, he actually needed to be in yesterday. Refer to post above where we accommodated his belongings until we received CO.
But honestly, things like that will always happen, whether it’s a lease up or not. Welcome to property management.
And the sad part is, I wasn’t present for the move in because I was out signing a lease to my own house…..finally.
So it was an epic day all around. Professionally and personally.

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